How to remove Popcorn Ceilings?

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June 22, 2016 – 02:54 pm
Before I begin, can I just
whenever you’re in the center of about six different projects at the same time and you also begin to get overwhelmed, I find the best cure is: begin a fresh venture. (which will never be the very best advice.)

Therefore, shock! We’re performing a closet reno! Initially up, taking down these beauties:

YESSS. Popcorn ceilings in every their particular early 90’s glory!

Today. To anyone who decided it was a stylish appearance that should be put in in most houses, i've an essential concern for you:


When we very first relocated into the house, step one would be to get rid of the popcorn ceilings. We took them out from the whole household, except our coat wardrobe.

I hadn’t understood until after that exactly how much light popcorn ceilings suck away from a-room. Those small shadows ensure it is feel therefore dark and yucky, but an appartment roof bounces the light around and does marvels for your room. browse the difference between our family room.
And after:
Observe how the light spreads over the ceiling without all those small chunky things to cast shadows? Yes, there are other things that ensure it is look better now, just like the paint colors and whatnot, however, if you look during the ceiling specifically, you can see an improvement. (much more before and afters in a sec!)

The good news is, eliminating them is inexpensive, easy therefore insta-satisfying. If you were cursed using this style of textural sin on your ceilings, here’s a fast how-to when planning on taking those men right down.

You’ll need:

Step one. make certain there’s no asbestos! They ended making use of asbestos circa 1977, and since our home ended up being built in the mid-90’s, we knew we had been inside obvious. Usually, this is not a DIY task. You’re gonna wish a professional.

Step 2. damp that bad man down! You’re gonna would you like to soak the ceiling pretty much together with your squirt container or lawn sprayer. Don’t be timid! Operate in small aspects of various sqft at a time to obtain maximum soakability.

Andy helpfully posing with spray container

Step 3. Scrape. We utilized a putty blade, and just gently went it across the (nonetheless wet) ceiling.

Gun of choice!

This part is SOOO satisfying!

You're able to view as the house instantly teleports presenting times. Here’s the roof with popcorn removed:
Yep, only great ol’ sheetrock under there.

spray_bottle5. Sand (if required), prime and color! Our ceilings performedn’t require much sanding, but if there are any places that don’t appearance perfectly level for you, you may want to run some sandpaper over it.
Flat ceilings = delighted Kelly. Effortless work, with HUGE outcomes. Before and after:
(Sorry of these small photos! My various other articles have larger people, vow.) Observe how much brighter the “after” looks within the picture above? Those two photos are taken underneath the same light problems and options.

FACT: Popcorn ceilings are BEARERS OF DARKNESS.

Okay, that’s just a little remarkable. But seriously, this task is easy, fast and offers instant satisfaction, which constantly gets a thumbs-up from myself.

Perhaps you have tackled anything similar to this recently?

Don’t forget to pin this which means you possess instructions if you want ’em!

P.S.: If you’re looking more easy-to-follow tutorials, make certain you swing because of the project gallery. There are plenty fun DIY a few ideas indeed there, like simple tips to install crown molding just like the pros, or how to paint linoleum flooring. (YESSS!)

utilizing a putty knife to scrape popcorn ceilings Sheetrock roof after popcorn/texture elimination Flat white ceiling after getting rid of ceiling surface pre and post: ceilings with popcorn texture removed and level ceilings
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How to remove POPCORN CEILINGS like a PRO!
How to remove POPCORN CEILINGS like a PRO!
How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings: Easy, Cheap Tricks with Photos
How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings: Easy, Cheap Tricks with Photos
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