How to remove security TAG?

How to Remove a Security Tag from Clothing
August 15, 2016 – 02:30 pm
Mini Hard Security Tag

Image titled Pull a Security Tag from clothes action 1Place the ink cartridge of the tag face-down. The ink cartridge may be the part of the tag that juts out from the plastic. It is in the other side of the pin, which is the round area of the tag.

Pull the the main garments with all the tag from the remaining portion of the clothes. Move it since a long way away that you can and so the ink doesn't ruin the clothing just as much if the sensor cracks.

Slide an elastic band around the pin of this safety label. The rubber band must be big and thick enough to be strong, but thin adequate to fit across the pin. This will loosen the pin.

Support the bigger an element of the ink label with one hand.

Pull the pin off with all the contrary. The pressure regarding the pins must certanly be powerful sufficient so the pin ultimately pops off or quickly brings in addition to the remaining portion of the tag.
  • If the elastic band did not loosen it sufficient, try again with numerous elastic bands.

Method 2

Use a Screwdriver
  1. Put the product of clothes on the floor with the ink cartridge dealing with up.
  2. Simply take a rather slim flathead screwdriver and place it across the edge of the raised square pyramid.
  3. Press down difficult. This should pierce the synthetic and pull it up.
  4. Continue to pop up the perimeter for the plastic.
  5. Eliminate the silver report liner. You can see the metal dish below it.
  6. Make use of the screwdriver to lift one of several steel hands that keeps the pin in position.
  7. Image titled eliminate a safety Tag from Clothing action 2 slip the pin from the label. The pin should quickly slip through the now-free hole additionally the tag should always be eliminated.

Method 3

Freeze the label
  1. Freeze the apparel with the ink label. Freeze the apparel overnight for most readily useful results.
  2. Rip open the tag. You'll only use your hands, pliers, or perhaps the elastic band strategy. This can make certain that the ink wont spill every where if you make a mistake - ink can't spill whether it's frozen.

Method 4

Strike the label
  1. Carefully pull the label from the clothes several times. Do this ten roughly times, until it loosens the pin somewhat.
  2. Get a hold of a sizable nail. The nail must be bigger than the label, additionally the mind of nail is at the very least as broad as a penny.
  3. Pull the tag from the garments. Contain the lengthy plastic area of the label to the side.
  4. Hit upon the ink cartridge until it pops available. Without applying too-much power, continuously strike upon the ink cartridge until it pops available. You may have to hit it twenty or maybe more times to get it appropriate.
    • Be careful not to hit it way too hard, or the label may well be more very likely to burst open.

Method 5

Utilize Needle-Nose Pliers
  1. Contain the safety label with all the ink cartridge part up.
  2. Hold one of the edges of rectangular label with a set of pliers.
  3. Hold one other region of the tag with an alternative pair of pliers.
  4. Image titled Remove a Security Tag from clothes Step 3 Gently fold each region of the tag down utilizing the pliers. Cannot fold too much or the label will break in half and spill ink every where.
  5. Keep flexing until it pops open. This should loosen the pin and then make it pop off.

Method 6

Brute Force for Electro-Magnet Tags

Many modern-day tags really contain an electro-magnet, not an ink pouch; upon breaking it available, you will observe yourself that there's no ink inside.

  1. Put some thing between your label plus the mind associated with pin to give it some slack.
  2. Bend the pin back and forth until it breaks.
  3. Pull the tag back therefore the pin exits the opening it initially went through.
  4. Break start the label.

Method 7

Shed the label
  1. Shed the tag. Making use of a lighter, burn the dome like portion of the label. After burning it for few seconds it'll, most likely, capture fire as the synthetic.
  2. Use a knife or comparable object to cut the dome.
  3. While you keep scooping in, there are a spring and tag will pretty much pop away.


  • Don`t do that just before leave the shop
  • This works well with the rectangular tabs using the round pin fastener.
  • Occasionally the shops utilize magnets to remove them, like Kohl's therefore you will need to put two magnets on the sides associated with pin holding location to remove it. Alternatively spot a good magnet (neodymium) regarding the raised synthetic part and pull the pin away.
  • You'll be able to use the less heavy technique, put the label with all the point (rectangular label) dealing with up meltdown the purpose through to the steel is revealed and two flaps that contain the pin set up, flex back the tabs and bingo the security tag is removed.
  • For the people being rectangular and also Ink in them, just using a Grinding wheel regarding the back part, there's a pin inside there which held with little to no notches, merely to be safe address the ink part with tape.
  • You might split it open walnut-style with pliers.
  • Simply take an electric drill. Drill from opposite female side. This takes a few seconds. Vinyl is soft to drill.
  • Take an item of card stock and cut it with scissors just enough to slip it underneath the ink part of the security this way the ink wont distribute all over the apparel whenever you take to taking it well.


  • View your hands with all the screwdriver!
  • This technique will not work with ink tags; you should decide to try placing the garment inside fridge to solidify the ink prior to trying.
  • Cannot steal.
Image titled Remove a safety Tag from Clothing action 4 Image titled Pull a Security Tag from clothes action 5 Image titled eliminate a Security Tag from Clothing action 6 Image titled Remove a Security Tag from clothes action 10
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