How to remove Stretch marks?

Stretch Mark Removal Cream, Laser or Surgery, Which is Best?
June 1, 2016 – 11:34 am
Castor Oil for Stretch Marks

Stretchmarks, or striae, tend to be a type of epidermis scar tissue formation connected with maternity, obesity, puberty, and short term fat gain from bodybuilding and other activities. They form as soon as the dermis – the middle layer of the skin that keeps form and elasticity – is extended over it may tolerate. Connective fibers inside epidermis eventually break, disrupting collagen production and causing scare tissue. This scare tissue is treatable only through stretchmark elimination.


While there are lots of appropriate prospects for stretch mark treatment, the most common customers are ladies who have actually recently offered beginning. Stretch-marks and pregnancy typically get in conjunction - nearly three in four females will experience stretch-marks after maternity. These females generally undergo stomach stretch marks, but other areas may also be impacted, causing the need for mommy makeover surgery. Other candidates include those that have lost considerable weight and bodybuilders who've rapidly created significant muscle tissue.

Factors that cause Stretchmarks

Both men and women are susceptible to stretch marks, especially regarding thighs, hips, arms, buttocks, abdominal sector, and back. There are lots of factors behind stretch-marks, including:

Genetics: women can be almost certainly going to get stomach stretchmarks if their particular mommy, including, had stretch marks after maternity. Significant fat gain and loss: the skin extends as your body weight fluctuates, occasionally resulting in stretch-marks.

Puberty: development spurts during puberty often result in stretchmarks as skin struggles to keep up with your body's rate of growth.

Bodybuilding: Rapid growth of muscle tissue may extend skin beyond its restrictions.

Corticosteroids: Heavy or long-term use of dental or topical corticosteroids, a widely used pharmaceutical steroid ingredient, can lead to stretchmark development.

Ethnicity: people who have darker skin are less inclined to have stretch marks.

Stretch Marks after Pregnancy

Stretchmarks after maternity tend to be especially typical. Nearly three in four females will build up stretchmarks to their legs, abdomen, sides, along with other body parts afflicted with body weight gain during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the skin expands and stretches to its limitation, causing small rips into the supporting levels of epidermis. These small rips are stretch marks that appear as glossy, white lines inside epidermis. A lot of women who possess stretchmarks after pregnancy seek out laser stretch mark treatment to eradicate this undesirable scarring. This treatment solutions are built to provide females the renewed, youthful look they desire.

Body parts which can be Affected by stretchmarks

Stretch marks can impact any section of the human body in which the skin is subject to quick stretching. The abdomen could be the location frequently impacted by stretch marks, but they are additionally typical around the legs, hips, bottom, spine, arms, and upper body. Skin in all these places is at the mercy of high stress because of heavy usage and quick growth. In theory, any area of the body could be susceptible to stretch marks in the event that epidermis is stretched adequate as a result of muscle development.

Various Other Considerations

There are a number of various other factors for customers that go through stretchmark removal therapy. Patients need to have practical expectations concerning the results that their particular desired treatment could offer. Clients that go through stretch mark removal surgery should-be in good health; clients undergoing surgery will have to talk about their particular medical history and medicine list with regards to surgeons just before treatment. Patients should be familiar with the expense of the stretch mark removal therapy.

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