How to say beautiful in Spanish?

How to Say Beautiful in Spanish
May 11, 2016 – 11:53 pm
Say Beautiful in Spanish
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    Saying some thing is beautiful. Just like in English, you should use the word "beautiful" to explain numerous things in Spanish, such as the weather condition, a product of clothing, or a lovely view. There is absolutely no set rule for when to use which synonym for breathtaking. This will depend on noun you are defining. For instance, if you employ "bonita" to spell it out a woman, it'll imply "pretty" or "beautiful, " but if you utilize "bonito" to describe a cat, it will indicate "sweet." Here are a few approaches to say anything is gorgeous: "El jardín es hermoso." ("The yard is gorgeous.") "El verano es bello." ("the summertime is gorgeous.") "El poema es bello." ("The poem is gorgeous.") "¡Qué preciosa casa!" ("exactly what a lovely house!") "san francisco bay area es un bella ciudad." ("San Francisco is a beautiful city.") "El bosque es muy bonito." ("The woodland is extremely gorgeous.") Telling a lady she is stunning. It is possible to tell a lady that she is beautiful, or that she seems gorgeous, depending on the context. Here's how to state both: Informing a woman she looks stunning. Here is how to tell a female she seems stunning: "Estás bella." ("You look breathtaking.") "Estás bonita." ("you appear beautiful/pretty.") "Estás guapa." ("you appear appealing.") "Estás hermosa." ("you appear gorgeous.") "Estás linda." ("you appear lovely.") Telling a woman she actually is stunning. This is how to share with a female she's gorgeous: "Eres bella." ("you might be breathtaking.") "Eres bonita." ("you may be beautiful/pretty.") "Eres guapa." ("You look appealing.") "Eres hermosa. ("you appear gorgeous.") "Eres linda." ("You look beautiful.") Telling a man he could be stunning. To tell a guy he could be or seems breathtaking, you have to replace the adjectives into the masculine ending (feminine words result in "a" and masculine words end in "o"). The adjectives suggest exactly the same thing for males except "guapo" means handsome while "guapa" indicates attractive, or the feminine form of "handsome." Here's how to state both: Informing a man he looks breathtaking. Here's how to inform a person he looks stunning: "Estás bello." "Estás bonito." "Estás guapo." "Estás hermoso." "Estás lindo." Informing a person he is breathtaking. Here's how to inform a guy he could be breathtaking: "Eres bello." "Eres bonito." "Eres guapo." "Eres hermoso." "Eres lindo."

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How can I say: "stunning fantasy house"?

That Might Be: "Los Angeles hermosa casa de sueños."

How can you state: "has actually any person ever before asked you you are so stunning? If not, i'd like to function as very first one in range."

Attempt: "¿Hay alguien que te preguntó lo hermosa que eres? Porque si no, déjame ser el primero." This is male to feminine. If you're a lady, after that try: "¿Hay alguien que te preguntó lo encantador que eres? Porque si no, déjame ser la primera."


In Spanish, the "h" noise is silent. For instance, "Hermoso" is pronounced as "er-mo-so." If you'd like to combine things up, you'll say, "Ah, que bello/bella eres." This means, "Oh, just how stunning you're." The best thing about mastering Spanish is that you never need to question where in fact the accents are: everything see is what you get! "Hermosa" will be the common word to use to inform a female this woman is stunning, while "guapo" is considered the most typical method to supplement a guy, particularly in Spain. In Spanish, the double-l noise is pronounced as a "y". As an example, "bello" is pronounced "be-yo." Discovering Spanish is most likely one of the most considerations you might do in order to succeed in any profession in the us or other places with several Spanish speakers.
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