How to say "Happy Birthday" in German?

How to Say Happy Birthday in German
June 20, 2016 – 01:57 am
Say Happy Birthday in German
Image titled Say successful Birthday in German action 1Exclaim "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!" This is actually the nearest translation to “happy birthday celebration” utilized in German, plus it indicates something like “all ideal for the birthday.”
  • Alles is a pronoun meaning "everything" or "all."
  • Gute hails from the German adjective "gut, " indicating "good, " "fine, " or "nice."
  • The term zum comes from the German preposition "zu, " indicating "to" or "for."
  • Geburtstag indicates "birthday" in German.
  • Pronounce the complete birthday celebration greeting as ah-less goo-teh tsuhm geh-buhrtz-tahg.
Provide "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag." It is an equally typical, congratulatory birthday celebration greeting.
  • It could be converted as "heartfelt congratulations for the birthday" or "many happy returns."
  • Herzlichen hails from the German adjective "herzlich, " indicating "heartfelt, " "genuine, " or "cordial."
  • Glückwunsch means "congratulation."
  • The expression zum suggests "on" or "for, " and Geburtstag implies "birthday."
  • Pronounce the statement as hairtz-lich("ch" such as "aCH" not quite as in "seat")-enn glook-vuhnsh tsoom geh-buhrtz-tahg.
Say "Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich" or "Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag" for belated wishes. Both tend to be equal to saying "happy belated birthday" in English.
  • Nachträglich means "later" or "belated."
  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich suggests "heartfelt congratulations belated." Pronounce it as hairtz-lich("ch" as in "ach" not quite as in "seat")-enn glook-vuhnsh nach("ch" like in "aCH" never as in "seat")-traygh-lich("ch" like in "aCH" less in "CHair").
  • "Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag" suggests "belated good luck for your birthday." Pronounce it as nach(again such as "aCH")-traygh-lich(again such as "aCH") ah-less goo-teh tsoom geh-buhrtz-tahg.
Condition "Alles das Beste zum Geburtstag!" This will be another way of saying "best wishes for the birthday."
  • Alles indicates "all" or "everything, " zum suggests "for, " and Geburtstag implies "birthday."
  • Das Beste indicates "the best."
  • Pronounce this belief as ah-less dahss behsteh tsoom geh-buhrtz-tahg.

Image titled state successful Birthday in German action 3

Method 2

Longer Birthday Wishes
  1. Say "Wir wünschen Ihnen einen wunderschönen Tag." Use this declaration to wish the birthday child or birthday celebration woman an excellent day.
    • Wir indicates "we" in English.
    • Wünschen is a German verb definition "wish, " "want, " or "desire."
    • Ihnen is a courteous way of saying "you." To create this statement informal or everyday, replace Ihnen with Dir, the casual form of "you." Pronounce Dir as deahr.
    • Einen suggests "one" or "a."
    • Wunderschönen suggests "lovely, " "wonderful, " or "beautiful."
    • Tag indicates "day."
    • You really need to pronounce this sentence as veer vuhnshen ee-nen aye-nen vuhn-deher-shuhn-nen tahg.
  2. Hopefully state "Auf dass Ihr Tag mit Liebe und Freude erfüllt ist und bleibt." This phrase roughly implies, "May every day be filled with love and pleasure."
    • Auf indicates "on" or "upon."
    • Dass is a German combination meaning "that" in English.
    • Ihr is a courteous way of saying "your." For an even more informal means of saying "your, " utilize Dein, pronounced as dine.
    • Mit implies "with."
    • Liebe means love.Image titled Say successful Birthday in German Step 4 the word und indicates "and, " and Freude means "pleasure" or "happiness."
    • The expression erfüllt ist translates approximately into "filled with."
    • Pronounce the whole thing as owf dahss eer tahg mitt lee-beh oond froy-deh ehr-foolt ist.
  3. Inform some body "Schade, dass wir keineswegs mitfeiern können" when you cannot commemorate face-to-face. This expression means "Shame we can not be here to celebrate with you." Utilize it over the phone, in a greeting card, or in an e-mail when you cannot give the individual birthday wants directly.
    • Schade indicates "shame" or "pity."
    • The term dass indicates "that" and wir means "we."
    • The word nicht suggests "not, " and können means "can."
    • Mitfeiern suggests "celebrate together."
    • Pronounce the sentiment as shah-deh dahss veer neecht("ch" such as "aCH" never as in "CHair" mitt-fy-ehrn keu-nenn.
  4. Ask "Wie geht’s dem Geburtstagkind?" This concern asks, “how may be the birthday son?” or “how could be the birthday woman?”
    • Wie geht’s is a German interjection that means "how are you currently performing?" in English.
    • The definition of dem suggests "the."
    • Geburtstagkind can mean either "birthday child" or "birthday woman."
    • The phrase as a whole should-be pronounced as vee gates dehm geh-buhrtz-tahg-kint.
  5. In addition ask "Wie alt bist du?" This real question is familiar with ask somebody's age.
    • Wie implies "how" and alt indicates "old." Bist means "are."
    • The word du means "you." For a far more polite kind of the word "you, " utilize Sie", prefixed by "sind" as opposed to "bist", for example. "Wie alt sind Sie?"
    • Pronounce the entire question as vee ahlt bist because of (or "vee ahlt zindt zee")
  6. Provide "Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag." This sentiment suggests some thing like "much love for your birthday."
    • Alles implies "all" or "everything." The phrase "zum Geburtstag" indicates "for your birthday."
    • Liebe indicates "love."
    • This sentiment is pronounced as ah-less lee-beh tsoom geh-buhrtz-tahg.
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How to Say Happy Birthday in German
How to Say Happy Birthday in German
How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German
How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German
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German Lesson - How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German - A1
German Lesson - How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German - A1
How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German | German Lessons
How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German | German Lessons
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