How to say hello in German?

German Greetings: 22 Useful Ways to Say Hi and Bye
June 21, 2016 – 01:08 am

After arriving in Germany, I quickly recognized anything.

Young Germans never made use of the greetings I’d discovered in class.

Really the only person who stated Guten Abend to me ended up being a guy in an ice-cream store just who looked old enough becoming my great-grandfather.

We rapidly identified that Hallo is the better casual greeting to make use of in Germany, while Tschüss is much more typical than the really super-formal Auf Wiedersehen.

When we discovered these words, we style of stuck with ‘em. Whenever you’re just starting to find out a language, it can be easy to get used to saying equivalent couple of terms all the time. And therefore’s completely good for the novice Deutsch speaker.

2But after a few years, you may find your self getting uninterested in making use of the same exact terms for greeting and leaving individuals. If you’re looking to learn some new German language for greetings, below are a few other choices of German Grüße (greetings) and Abschiedsgrüße (goodbyes) to take into account.

Even when you’re simply beginning with German, it’ll be useful to check out these—so that when some one greets a friendly Alles klar? you won’t look right back at them in complete confusion (like I did once or twice until I figured out exactly what it implied), but can rather react Gut, danke!

9 Ways to Say Hi:


As previously mentioned above, it's your typical German greeting. Kind and simple to pronounce, and ideal for just about every circumstance.


Ends up Germans state this also! Go ahead and use Hi when speaking with young people or in informal settings.

uncover German with video on FluentUGuten Morgen / Guten Abend / Guten Tag

Literally translates to “Good morning, ” “Good evening, ” “Good day.” Even though you might think of Guten Abend as being similar to saying “Have good night, ” it sounds much more traditional in German—more like “Good evening.” Maybe reserve that one for formal circumstances, or whenever talking with folks who are much avove the age of you. Whenever conversing with someone you would call “Sir” or “Ma’am, ” Guten Tag might be the right greeting.

uncover German with moviesWie geht es dir? / Wie geht es Ihnen?

This is the way to say “How are you currently?” in German. Utilize dir when talking with someone youthful or someone you know perfectly; Ihnen is the appropriate formal target for a complete stranger, particularly someone older, and people in positions of authority. In lots of English-speaking countries, it is typical to express “How have you been?” to any or all you speak with, including waitresses and store clerks. But in Germany, it is not as common, therefore it’s best to make use of this greeting with individuals you understand.

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How to Say "Hello" in German | German Lessons
How to Say "Hello" in German | German Lessons
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