How to say hello in Japanese?

How to Say Hello in Japanese
June 10, 2016 – 02:04 pm
How to Say Hello in Japanese
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  • You should use this greeting for anybody, no matter social condition.
  • While there are individual greetings utilized during many times of time, this greeting additionally doubles as “good afternoon.”
  • The kanji because of this greeting is 今日は. The hiragana is こんにちは.
  • Pronounce this greeting as kohn-nee-chee-wah.
Answer the telephone with "moshi moshi.
  • Utilize this greeting whether you are the caller or even the person becoming known as. Moshi moshi is more proper for phone conversations than konnichiwa.
  • Don't use moshi moshi personally.
  • The hiragana with this greeting is created as もしもし.
  • Pronounce moshi moshi as mohsh mohsh.

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Casual greetings
  1. Use "ossu" between close male friends. This really is a very informal greeting utilized between close male pals or close male family relations across the same age.
    • This term is certainly not frequently used between female buddies or between buddies with contrary genders.
    • Ossu is notably just like saying “hey, man!” or “hey, dude!” in English.
    • The hiragana because of this expression is created as おっす.
    • Pronounce this greeting as ohss.
  2. In Osaka, "yaho" is one more way of saying hello among buddies.
    • It is usually written in katakana, because it is expressive. (ヤーホー)
    • It's pronounced yah-hoh.
    • Yaho can also be utilized as a way to say hi among young adults, especially girls.
  3. Ask "saikin dō?" The English exact carbon copy of this Japanese concern could be such as “what's up?” or “what's new?”
    • Similar to various other informal greetings, you need to just pose this question to some body you are on familiar terms with, like a pal, sibling, or—on occasion—a classmate or coworker.
    • The kanji for this real question is 最近どう?. The hiragana is さいきん どう?.
    • A rough pronunciation of this question is sigh-kin doh.
  4. Greet someone you have got perhaps not seen recently with "hisashiburi." In English, this greeting will be something like “long time, no see” or “it's already been sometime.”
    • Might usually utilize this greeting upon satisfying a buddy or close relative you have got perhaps not observed in several weeks, months, or many years.
    • The kanji because of this greeting is 久しぶり. The hiragana is ひさしぶり.
    • To make this greeting much more formal, express "o hisashiburi desu ne." The kanji because of this lengthy form is お久しぶりですね. The hiragana is おひさしぶりですね.
    • Pronounce the entire declaration as oh hee-sah-shee-boo-ree deh-soo neh.
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How to say "Hello" in Japanese.
How to say "Hello" in Japanese.
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