How to say hello in Spanish?

How to say "hello" and "goodbye" in Spanish
December 12, 2015 – 10:40 am
*Say ?? ]]

Just like in English, it really is nice to check out with "how are you currently?" (Although similar to in English, do not always be prepared to get a solution.)

For casual, daily conversations you'll bring your pick from some of the after. They all mean "how will you be?", "what's up?" "how's it going?" "how you doin'?" etc. Which you decide on hinges on which Spanish-speaking country you come from, or your own private inclination.

How to say "good, many thanks!"

Yup, in the same way you are doing in English, if somebody requires you "just how are you currently?" you are going to usually say "good, thanks a lot!" Although exactly like in English, the person blurting out an instant "¿Qué tal?" is not actually anticipating a reply.

  • Enjoy audioBien, gracias, ¿y tú? = Good, many thanks, and also you? (informal)
  • Play audioBien, gracias, ¿y usted? = great, many thanks, and also you? (formal)

If things tend to be a little better than "good" in your world, you are able to state Play audio"todo bien" ("everything's good"), or Enjoy audio"muy bien" ("very great").

If you would like be a tad bit more honest, try these:

  • Play audioAquí estamos or Play audioAcá andamos = virtually "here our company is", but it's often used like "I'm holding in there", or "i am alive".
  • Play audioBien...¿o te cuento? = Good... or shall i truly inform you of it?

Even if you're experiencing really bad, it is bad kind to ever before come straight out and state "mal" ("bad").

Note: in a few Spanish-speaking nations (eg, Argentina) individuals will frequently just state that they are "very great" when they're becoming ironic. If you notice some body state "¡Mejor imposible!" ("it doesn't get any benefit than this!") — there is a high probability they are probably not having a good time.

How-to state "pleased to generally meet you"

Whether or not it's the first time you've met somebody, in English you would ordinarily say "pleased to meet up you", or "it's an enjoyment to meet up you". It's the exact same in Spanish, nonetheless they dial within the old-timey ways with an "Enchanted!" and.

The following are charming what to say when you first meet someone:

If the other individual overcome you to the punch and said one of these brilliant to you personally currently, you can easily state "the satisfaction is mine", or an even more abrupt "same right here / me-too".

Simple tips to say "goodbye"

When it is time to say goodbye, once more you've got some courteous options, and some more casual choices.

(It's really worth getting acquainted with Hasta. It is rather adaptable and helpful for saying goodbye, and it is very easy to keep in mind: Just think of Arnie in Terminator: Hasta la vista, child.)

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How to say hello, goodbye, bye, and spanish in spanish
How to say hello, goodbye, bye, and spanish in spanish
How to Say Hello in Spanish
How to Say Hello in Spanish
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