How to say thank you in Chinese?

How to Say Thank You in Chinese
August 5, 2015 – 12:25 pm
Thank you in Chinese
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Method 1

  1. State "xiè xie." This is actually the typical way to say "Thanks" in Chinese, especially in Mandarin Chinese.
    • Mandarin Chinese is spoken across nearly all of northern and southwestern Asia. It offers even more local speakers than other types of Chinese.
    • Xie cannot translate into English, but once talked as xiè xie, this means "Thanks a lot" and "'xiè xie nǐ" means "many thanks."
    • a rough pronunciation of xiè xie is syeh-syeh. The first xiè begins large and drops by the end. The 2nd xie is a neutral tone, meaning it is known gently and without any emphasis.
    • In simplified Chinese characters, xiè xie is 谢谢.Image titled Express Gratitude in Chinese Step 2 In traditional Chinese figures, it will be 謝謝。
    • Other "thank you" sayings concerning xie xie consist of "xiè xiè nín de bāng zhù, " (谢 谢 您 的 帮 助) a formal way of saying "thanks for your help, " and "xiè xiè nǐ bāng wǒ, " (谢谢 你 帮 我) an informal way of saying "thank you for your assistance.
  2. Use "nǎlǐ, nǎlǐ" when offered a praise. This expression translates around into “where, in which!”
    • The Chinese culture values humility, and saying “thank you” in reaction to a match may come off as being some arrogant. By saying “where, in which, ” you might be basically deflecting the match. In the U.S. tradition, it might be similar to saying “shucks.”
    • a harsh pronunciation of this response will be na-ha-lee na-ha-lee.
    • In simplified Chinese figures, this response is written as 哪里哪里. In traditional Chinese characters, it could be 哪裡哪裡.
  3. Decide to try "bù, bù, bù" for compliments, also. As with nǎlǐ, nǎlǐ, responding with bù, bù, bù is a way to politely deflect compliments.
    • This response resembles saying "no, no, no" in English.
    • The sheer number of times you say "bù" can differ based on how strong your denial has to be. The higher the praise, the more powerful the denial.
    • a rough pronunciation of bù, bù, bù could be bhoo bhoo bhoo.
    • Write bù in Chinese as 不.
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