How to say thank you in Italian?

How to Say Thank You in Italian
May 25, 2016 – 09:12 am
  • The definition of is used as an interjection for "thanks a lot" or "thanks."
  • a rough pronunciation of grazie is gra-zee, but a somewhat more precise pronunciation is GRAHT-see+eh.
  • No gets the same meaning in Italian as it has in English.
  • Pronounce the term as no GRAHT-see+eh.

Method 2

Adding Emphasis
  1. Offer many thanks with "molte grazie." This is actually the most basic method of saying "many many thanks" in Italian.
    • Molte is Italian the English word "many."
    • Pronounce molte grazie as MOLE-teh GRAHT-see+eh.
  2. Provide one thousand thanks a lot with "grazie mille" or "mille grazie." Loosely translated, these sayings mean "thank you very much." Translated more actually, they suggest "thanks a lot a thousand times" or "a thousand thanks."
    • Mille is Italian for "thousand."
    • Either term purchase may be used to show the exact same sentiment.
    • Pronounce grazie mille as GRAHT-see+eh MEE-leh.
  3. Use "grazie tante" really and sarcastically. Frequently, the expression can be used really to suggest "many thanks a great deal."
    • The term could also be used sarcastically to suggest "thanks a great deal" as a result to hook or offense.
    • Alone, tante means "many" or "much."
    • Pronounce grazie tante as GRAHT-see+eh TAHN-teh.
  4. Attempt "ti ringrazio tanto" or "la ringrazio tanto" rather. Both phrases mean "thank-you such, " however the previous is pretty informal whilst latter is more formal.
    • The language ti and la tend to be both always indicate "you, " but la is more formal.
    • Tanto means "much" or "a great deal."
    • Ringrazio means "thank you."
    • Pronounce ti ringrazio tanto as beverage reen-GRAHT-see-oh TAHN-toe.
    • Pronounce la ringrazio tanto as la reen-GRAHT-see-oh TAHN-toe.
  5. Express additional many thanks with "grazie unlimited." The phrase around indicates "many thanks greatly" or "many thanks such, " but more virtually, it translates to "infinite thanks."
    • Unlimited means the same in Italian since it does in English.
    • Pronounce grazie infinite as GRAHT-see+eh een-feen-eet-ay.
  6. Switch to "grazie di tutto" when you've got a lot to be grateful for. The expression is used to state "thanks for every little thing."
    • Di means "of" or "for."
    • Tutto means "all" or "everything."
    • Pronounce grazie di tutto as GRAHT-see+eh dee too-toh.
  7. Show sincerity with "grazie di cuore." The expression roughly suggests "sincerest thanks" or "thank-you quite definitely."
    • Cuore implies "heart" or "core." When combined with di, this means "of this heart, " "heartily, " or "sincerely."
    • Pronounce grazie di cuore as GRAHT-see+eh dee quoar-ay.
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