How to say thank you in Korean?

How do you say "thank you" in Korean?
June 17, 2016 – 07:12 pm
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That is a hard concern to resolve shortly because Koreans differ how they say "thanks, " according to the scenario therefore the commitment between the presenter and listener. Their general many years are a significant factor in deciding precisely what that relationship is and therefore, just what "register" of message forms they'll use on each various other. In Korean, the verb comes after a sentence and also the infixes and suffixes used on the verbs show such things as degree of formality, humility on the part of the speaker, honorific usage regarding the main topic of the phrase, the speaker's attitude in what is being stated, in addition to variety of sentence (declarative, interrogative, propositional, crucial, exclamatory, and so on). Korean verb endings may even show whether exactly what the presenter is discussing is something that he / she experienced firsthand or is just hearsay.

Another difficulty in responding to this real question is that Koreans do not state the equivalent of "thanks" in a few circumstances where "thank you" (or its comparable various other European languages) could be appropriate in Western countries. For example, if someone did some thing for you personally which part of his or her task, that you don't state "thank-you"; straight translated, the correct thing to express is "you have got taken (a great deal) difficulty."

Also for "many thanks" it self, there's two commonly used verbs. One is 감사하다 /gamsahada/, which can be believed is notably formal but usable in most circumstances. One other is a stative verb, 고맙다 /gomapda/, which actually describes its topic as being some body or something this is certainly worth feeling appreciation toward. This stative verb is often sensed as befitting extremely heartfelt circumstances in which some one went taken care of to be helpful or has shown substantial kindness. It's also the verb to make use of whenever speaking to extremely buddies or kids.

Having stated all of that, we'll provide a couple of types of thank-yous commonly heard in Korea. Right here the Korean script is followed by the romanization that is formally sanctioned by the South Korean federal government.

Speaking to an elder, an employer, or a complete stranger in an official scenario: 감사합니다 /gamsahamnida/. Considering that the /a/ amongst the voiceless noises /s/ and /h/ tends to get whispered in fast address, this term seems a lot more like /gamsamnida/ as opposed to the full form given overhead. The matching kind of 고맙다 /gomapda/ is 고맙습니다 /gomapseumnida/.

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