How to say thank you in Spanish?

How to Write Thank You in Spanish
October 28, 2015 – 11:18 am
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Gracias may be the word for thank you in Spanish. It can be used in virtually any context, to show appreciation.
  • The term gracia in Spanish means "grace", therefore gracias literally translates as "graces" or "lots of graces".
  • The word gracias is pronounced as "grass-ee-ass" by Spanish speakers in Latin America, so when "grath-ee-ass" in Spain.

Emphasize your thanks by the addition of "muchas" or "muchísimas". If you want to say something such as "many thanks really" or "thanks a lot", you can easily often say muchas gracias or muchísimas gracias.

Process 2

  1. Write "Im grateful". "i will be grateful" in Spanish is created as "estoy agradecido" if you should be male, or "estoy agradecida" if you are feminine.
  2. Write "thank you in advance". The phrase "thanks ahead of time" is written like "con gracias anticipadas" in Spanish.
  3. Write "thank-you sir" or "thank you madam". "many thanks sir" is created as "gracias señor" in Spanish. "Many Thanks madam" is created as "gracias señora". Don't forget to place the diacritical tilde regarding the "n".
  4. Write "thank-you once again". To say "thanks again", as an example, at the end of a letter, you can write "con gracias repetidas".
  5. Write "thank-you" as a noun. If you want to compose "thank-you" as a noun, you'd utilize the term "agradecimiento". For example, the expression "she delivered a thank-you the wedding ceremony gift suggestions" would-be converted into Spanish as "ella envió una nota de agradecimiento por los regalos de boda".


  • Gracias are answered to with "de nada", which literally implies "of nothing", it is acknowledged to mean "you're welcome".
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