How to speak Pig Latin?

How to Speak Pig Latin (with Sample Paragraph)
December 3, 2015 – 03:12 pm
Christie writing the Pig Latin
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Discover the Rules
  1. Discover ways to develop words you start with consonants. To create Pig Latin terms from words beginning with a consonant (want hey) or a consonant group (like switch), merely move the consonant or consonant group from the beginning for the word on end of this word. Then add the suffix "-ay" to the end regarding the word.
    • Words starting with consonants would transform the following: the phrase "hello" would become ello-hay, the term "duck" would be uck-day additionally the term "Pig Latin" would come to be ig-pay Atin-lay.
    • Terms you start with consonant groups would transform as follows: the phrase "switch" would become itch-sway, the phrase "glove" would come to be ove-glay while the term "fruit smoothie" would become uit-fray oothie-smay.
  2. Learn to form terms starting with vowels. To create Pig Latin words from terms beginning with vowels, everything you need to do is include "-yay" (some Pig-Latin speakers may include "-way") to your end for the word. You don't need to alter any letters around, simply state the phrase as normal adding "-yay" on end.
    • Like: the phrase "it" becomes it-yay, your message "egg" becomes egg-yay additionally the term "ultimate" becomes ultimate-yay.
    • This is valid when it comes to individual pronoun "I", which becomes i-yay.
  3. Learn to form words containing the page "Y".Image titled Speak Pig Latin Step 3 Words using page "Y" are challenging, as whether you treat the letter "Y" as a consonant or a vowel changes with respect to the page's location in a word.
    • If a term begins using letter "Y" its addressed like a consonant and is moved to the termination of the phrase, as always. For instance, the term "yellow" becomes ellow-yay.
    • The normal rules apply if "Y" could be the second letter in a-two letter term, particularly "my", which becomes y-may.
    • But in the event that page "Y" comes at the end of a consonant group, like in term "rhythm", it's treated like a vowel and does not proceed to the termination of your message. For example, "rhythm" becomes ythm-rhay.
  4. Discover ways to deal with ingredient words. Compound terms operate better in Pig Latin if they are separate, since it makes them less comprehensible to listeners.
    • Including, your message "bedroom" becomes ed-bay oom-ray without "edroom-bay", that is more obvious.
    • Another example is the word "toothbrush", which becomes ooth-tay ush-bray rather than "oothbrush-tay".
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Tutorial: How to Speak Pig Latin
Tutorial: How to Speak Pig Latin
Learning How To Speak Pig latin
Learning How To Speak Pig latin
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