How to tell time in Spanish?

How To Tell Time in Spanish
August 23, 2015 – 01:43 pm
How to Tell Time in Spanish

The essential method of telling amount of time in Spanish is to use the singular kind of ser ("become"), which will be es, for one o'clock and plural type, child, for any other times. Minutes could be stated simply by separating them from the time making use of y, the phrase for "and."

  • Es la una. It really is 1:00.
  • Es la una y 2. Its 1:02.
  • Child las dos. It is 2:00.
  • Son las tres. It is 3:00.
  • Boy las seis y cinco. Its 6:05.
  • Boy las siete y diez. It is 7:10.
  • Son las when y diecinueve. It really is 11:19.

To point the half-hour, use media. Utilize cuarto to indicate the one-fourth hours.

  • Es la una y media. It is 1:30.
  • Boy las cuatro y news. It is 4:30.
  • Es la una y cuarto. It is 1:15.

It is customary to utilize menos to share with time throughout the last half of each and every time, saying the amount of minutes until the following time.

  • Es la una menos diez. It is 12:50. (It is ten until one.)
  • Son las cinco menos cinco. It's 4:55. (it really is five until five.)
  • Son las diez menos veinte. It's 9:40. (it really is twenty until ten.)
  • Boy las ocho menos cuarto. It really is 7:45. (its one-fourth until eight.)

In most of the Spanish-speaking globe, both 12-hour and 24-hour clocks are utilized, the latter becoming quite typical in schedules and comparable printed products. To point time of day when using the 12-hour clock, use de la mañana before noon (mediodía), de la tarde between noon and very early night, and de la noche from evening to midnight (medianoche).

  • Es medianoche. It really is midnight.
  • Child las siete y cuarto de la mañana. It's 7:15 a.m. (it's 7:15 each morning.)
  • Es mediodía. It's noon.
  • Son las 4 menos cinco de la tarde. It's 3:55 p.m. (It is five before four inside mid-day.)
  • Son las ocho y news de la noche. It is 8:30 p.m. (it really is eight . 5 during the night.)

Here are a few various other time-related expressions which can be helpful:

  • Child las tres y cuarto en punto. It's 3:15 exactly.
  • Son las seis y news más o menos. It's about 6:30.
  • Salimos las nueve. We're making at 9:00.
  • Era la una. Eran las 2 (tres, 4, etc.). It was 1:00. It was 2:00 (3:00, 4:00, etc.).
  • Buenos días. Great day, good morning.
  • Buenas tardes. Great afternoon, good evening (until about 8 p.m.).
  • Buenas noches. Good night, good night (as either a greeting or a farewell).
  • ¿Qué hora es? Just what time is it?
  • ¿Cuándo ...? Whenever ... ?
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