How to treat the flu?

Treatment of Flu
April 25, 2016 – 03:09 pm
Food to Eat When Sick With the

Man with flu, taking their temeratureKnowing how to handle it in the event that you get the flu might help you're feeling better sooner and prevent other individuals from becoming unwell.

If you get the flu

  • Stay home and rest.
  • Drink fluids.
  • Take medicines for fever eg acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Protect your coughs and sneezes.
  • Call your medical provider within 48 hours for guidance about what to-do after that. Antiviral medicines may decrease flu symptoms if begun within 48 hours of your very first symptoms.
  • Helpful products

    If you do become ill and medical assistance actually needed, these products will make handling the flu just a little simpler:

  • Thermometer
  • Fever reducers such as acetaminophen (like, Tylenol®) or ibuprofen (as an example, Advil® or Motrin®)
  • Cough falls or cough syrup
  • Products: liquid, fruit juices, soft drink, beverage, or fluids with electrolytes (Gatorade® or Pedialyte®). Avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • Light foods: clear soups, crackers, and applesauce
  • Covers or cozy covers
  • Face masks and throwaway gloves
  • Looking after you with flu

  • Possess sick individual sleep and lie down if operating a temperature.
  • Permit the sick individual assess what bed covers are required. Whenever temperature is high the individual may feel cold and want even more covers.
  • Utilize fever reducers including acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Stick to the bundle label or your health care provider's path to lessen temperature, headache, and muscle tissue, combined, or eye discomfort.
  • Let the ill individual take in just as much as they might.
  • Give light meals because the individual desires. Fluids are far more important than food in the first days if the temperature is highest.
  • Cannot smoke around a sick person.
  • Have the unwell individual gargle. Use lozenges or difficult candy for a sore neck.
  • Avoid holding your eyes, nostrils, or lips. Germs frequently spread this way.
  • Think about putting on a mask when providing care to an ill person.
  • When to seek health care

    Call your medical provider within 48 hours in the event that you or another person using the flu:

  • Features these symptoms:
  • Incapable of drink enough fluids. Dark urine or feeling dizzy when standing are signs of insufficient fluids.
  • Fever of 100°F or higher for 3 or maybe more times
  • Feels better, then gets a fever or sore throat again
  • Go immediately for health care in the event that you or somebody else utilizing the flu has:

  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Coughs up blood
  • Soreness or stress in upper body whenever breathing
  • Chest pain, especially if have heart problems like angina or congestive heart failure
  • Difficulty with balance, walking or sitting up, or getting puzzled
  • Manufacturers are provided as instances only. It doesn't mean that the products tend to be supported by VA or any other Government company. In addition, if a particular brand isn't pointed out, this does not mean or imply the product is unsatisfactory.

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