How to turn Decimals Into Fractions?

How to use the decimal to fraction calculator.
December 27, 2015 – 11:30 am
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This calculator allows you to convert real numbers, including saying decimals, into fractions.

Enter a decimal quantity in room above, then push Convert to Fraction to deliver the number and calculate the same small fraction.

Quantity formats

You might enter simple logical figures aided by the whole section separated from the decimal portion by a decimal point (ex. 12.25). It's also possible to convert to fractions numbers with infinitely saying digits by enclosing the repeating digits in parenthesis or by adding '...' after the quantity. Start to see the following dining table for examples:

Sort of quantity Example What to enter Result
Easy decimal 12.125 97/8
Repeating decimal 0.3 0.3... or 0.(3) 1/3
0.123 0.1233... or 0.12(3) 37/300
Repeating series 0.745 0.74545... or 0.7(45) 41/55

How exactly to convert a decimal quantity to it really is equivalent fraction

Once the number does not have any repeating decimal part, the numerator of comparable fraction is gotten by eliminating the dot from the quantity, together with denominator is '1' followed closely by equivalent number of 0's whilst the period of the decimal part.

Including the quantity 12.4 is equal to 123 divided by 10, and so the comparable small fraction is 124/10, which, whenever simplified, becomes 62/5.

The reason being the quantity is multiplied by an electrical of 10 so that the decimal point is removed. The resulting number is then shown divided by the same power of 10 to represent the original number as a fraction.

Whenever number has actually infinitely repeating decimals, then your small fraction is acquired by breaking the quantity into a sum of the non-repeating portion additionally the repeating portion. Each element is transformed independently, the non saying part is converted as explained above, whilst the small fraction the saying part is obtained by dividing the repeating numbers by numerous 9's add up to along the sequence, accompanied by several '0's equal to the how many 0's between the dot therefore the repeating digits.

As an example the quantity 2.5333... is damaged in to the sum 2.5+0.0333, 2.5 becomes 5/2 and 0.0333 becomes 33/990 or, simplified, 1/30. The result of the conversion is consequently (5/2)+(1/30)=38/15

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