How to turn off autocorrect?

How to disable Auto Correct on iPhone
February 22, 2016 – 09:53 am

Turn off iPhone automobile proper - 2The iPhone car proper function enables avoid annoying typos, however for numerous people car correct on the iPhone can create a lot of issues by mangling numerous terms as well as generating embarrassing typos. Turning down automobile correct regarding iPhone takes not as much as one minute and you will result in the modification as much since you need.

iPhone automobile correct tries to determine what you truly want to type as you type it. The device suits with a built-in iPhone dictionary, with your associates and with replacement terms which you teach the iPhone.

In theory the iPhone knows what you would like to type and auto correct will fix the language in order for everything you imply to kind is really what shows up on screen — in place of typos and arbitrary words.

Even with improvements in iOS 9 and more recent changes the iPhone automobile correct can frequently change the meaning of a word and car proper slang, acronyms, correct brands and even swears into laughable options.

In order to prevent this dilemma and the frustrations of corrected words that you don’t actually want to form, you can easily switch auto correct down in the iPhone options. Make use of the guide below to disable auto correct so you can deliver messages exactly as you type all of them — typos, slang and all sorts of.

Turn off iPhone automobile proper - 1

This works on the iPhone as well as on the iPad with iOS 9, iOS 8 and with updates more recent revisions.

Touch Configurations.

Scroll down and select General.

On the after that display screen, tap Keyboard.

Find Auto-Correction and change the slider to OFF.

You’ll in addition see a Check Spelling alternative that one may turn off inside selection area. This is a good option to leave on, even though you don’t like auto correct. Examine spelling will simply show you the misspelled terms, not automatically alter all of them. You'll touch on a word which is not spelled precisely and obtain suggestions about what you may have meant to type.

Furthermore possible to include new iPhone keyboards toward unit for different typing options including Swiftkey, Swype and others.

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