How to use Audacity?

How to Remove Background Noise With Audacity
September 4, 2015 – 10:35 am
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NewImageNoise from ventilation systems, vehicles operating down the street, staying warm with a heater and even the hum of flourescent illumination – they are all resources of back ground noise that can make or break your sound high quality.

Having a continuing hum or buzz when you look at the background can be extremely distracting and trigger individuals to change from your podcast. Luckily, the Audacity sound editing software can help you eradicate the noise in a few… not quite so straighforward steps. To not be concerned, though – whilst the 2 action process can be slightly strange when you notice it, it isn't difficult to realize or achieve.

The Movie

I’ve assembled a brief video to show how to use Audacity to clean up your sound. It’s 7 mins of detailed directions, including a demonstration for the initial audio and the cleaned up audio. Check it out back at my Youtube channel, or watch it right here, embedded within post.

The Audio

Aside from the movie on how to use Audacity to clean up your audio, I’ve in addition got two podcast episodes to demonstrate the real difference.

The First

Within initial resource file, you will hear a constant hum when you look at the back ground, from an air flow intake right outside my workplace. You may need to generate the volume a little to know it, but it is unmistakably here.

NewImageThe cleansed Up

Now in this second type of the exact same audio file, I’ve utilized Audacity to completely clean up the background noise. The consequence is dramatic – the sound is gone during the peaceful durations for the event. But, it isn't perfect. For those who have good quality earphones, you'll be able to to know some distortion or noise in low-end frequencies while I am talking. May very well not hear it if your headset is not of high enough high quality, or if perhaps there is certainly an excessive amount of noise where you stand paying attention, but it is indeed there.

Additional Cleaning?

Keep in mind that you can do additional cleanup for the staying low-frequency sound during my conversing. We left this as-is, however, to show a number of the limitations of what the noise removal device are. I might, at another point, show simple tips to do additional processing to wash this up much more, but that will be another post for the next time.

Professional Audio Cleanup

It’s quite simple to add at least a small amount of audio clean to your procedure, as you’ve seen right here. However, there are many limitations as to what Audacity can perform, plus it takes plenty of practice and knowledge to really get things perfect. You may find yourself in times for which you don’t have time to understand all the tips, or perhaps you require some extra expertise in cleaning and doing post-production audio work. If it’s the actual situation, you should look in to an audio production solution like PodcastFastTrac.

PodcastFastTrack is a service that may deal with your entire podcast production needs, including editing, splicing in songs and intros, sound clean up and more. can be just what you'll want to stay production and centered on your podcast, instead of having to bother about the technical and manufacturing part of thigs.

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