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Mixing it Up: Ten Creative Ways to Use Your Blender
January 2, 2016 – 08:51 am
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Ah, the blender. The quintessential summer appliance. Within the mornings, it gets you prepared during the day the correct way with healthy superfood smoothies, like this one, made out of kale and cherries. During the cookout, it’s by your side, combining within the pina coladas or frozen daiquiris to please. It stuns your supper visitors with refreshing tomato gazpacho. It’s your sous-chef in the garden barbeque, your partner-in-crime at cocktail events. And in the dense of bumper crop produce, it smiles from its spot on the counter with a silent but reassuring “Don’t stress – I’ve got the back.”

These days, we celebrate our summertime superhero with ten cool, innovative methods to use your blender. For people folks just who understand blender while the smoothie device, get ready for us to strike the mind. For anyone of us who have been with the blender for more than only milkshakes because the twentieth century, look at this a roadmap through both you and your old friend’s shared past. You make use of your blender, we’re here to give you a guide to your Vitamix Vigilante, your Cuisinart partner, or your Magic Bullet friend.

1. Smoothies and Milkshakes

Definitely. A blender roundup couldn’t be complete without a blended beverage! There’s nothing like a big, frothy milkshake with a lot of ice cream or a fruity smoothie that includes a frozen banana to get you to feel a young child once again. We a two-for-one special here these days: a dairy-free kid’s by Courtney of NeighborFood, and a grown-up’s by Claire of Realistic Nutritionist. Take in your path back once again to childhood with your two tasty treats! (Recipes and images: NeighborFood and also the Realistic Nutritionist)

2. Lassi

India’s form of a smoothie, lassi is a nice, creamy drink created by combining yogurt, honey, fragrant herbs and fruits in – you guessed it – the blender. Shana of Pineapple and Coconut makes with mint, saffron and cardamom for a fragrant, addictive summer time elixir. (Recipe and Photo: Pineapple and Coconut)

3. Cocktails

It’s time for a NoshOn.It redux! The menu of cocktails which can be made in a blender is endless, but margaritas would be the fan-favorite that we constantly get back – particularly, Jackie of Domestic Fits’ . We featured Jackie’s margarita for Cinco de Mayo, but it’s these types of a genius summertime drink, we made a decision to bring it back. (Recipe and Picture: Domestic Fits)

Strawberry Sriracha Margaritas on NoshOnIt

4. Salsa

What’s a summer time celebration without a plate of fresh salsa? Your blender can help you make salsa smooth and silky, while still flavorful. Test Corelyn and Jennie of Garlic our Soul’s, or for slightly angle, Morgan of For Reals Life integrates cucumber and tomatillo for . (dishes and pictures: Garlic My Soul as well as for Reals Life)

5. Hummus and Dip

a high-quality blender may be the secret to making ultra-creamy dips for online game day or delighted time. Hummus is a classic for scooping with pita potato chips, slathering on celery or dispersing on sandwiches, and Diana of Appetite for China tends to make . Mention delicious! (Recipe and picture: Appetite for China)

6. Soup

Gazpacho, the classic Spanish tomato soup served cold, is a classic blender entree. We love cool soups (as you can plainly see )! They’re perfect summer time dinners or hot day lunches, and they’re an excellent quick and easy method to make use of fresh produce. Steve of Oui, Chef tends to make a beautiful just how we want it – with countless ripe tomatoes and garlic. (Recipe and Picture: Oui, Cook)

7. Hollandaise

Ever tried to create hollandaise? it is no simple feat. But there’s nothing can beat Sunday morning and eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise. Now, there’s no reason to-be scared of this challenging sauce. John of Kitchen Riffs provides two meals for hollandaise (one to be made into the blender, one without) to help you pick your favorite and learn how to master brunch once again. (Recipe and Photo: Kitchen Area Riffs)

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