How to use iMovie?

How to Use iMovie (with Pictures)
September 13, 2015 – 10:50 am
How to use iMovie chapter

Image titled utilize iMovie action 1Launch iMovie. If it is not on the Dock, you can find it in your programs folder, or search for it in Spotlight.

Import your video clip. Which will make a film with iMovie, you must first import the movie from your own camera towards computer system. Most digital cameras get this to an extremely painless procedure using either USB or Firewire cables straight through the digital camera, or flash memory cards such Secure Digital (SD) or CompactFlash (CF) connected through a card audience. You can also transfer films through the iPhone or even the iPad through regular 30-pin or Lightning connector.
  • Link the correct cable to your camera. Utilising the cable that was included with your camcorder, connect the little end into the digital camera, together with bigger end to your computer.
  • Energy on the digital camera, and set it up play on through the cable. This function could have various brands with regards to the brand name and style of camera you will be utilizing. It may be PC
  • Select the picture definition of your movie. If you should be shooting HD video, choose that, or pick "huge, " or "complete" within the import window.Image titled Use iMovie action 2 If it does not start instantly, choose "Import from Camera" from File menu.
Pick what to import into iMovie. The Import screen will show you most of the videos on your digital camera. (Every time you stop and commence your digital camera, you're creating a brand new clip).You can decide to import most of the available videos, or click to deselect the videos that you do not desire to transfer, then click "Import examined."
  • If you're making use of a tape-based camcorder, you can transfer every thing, or utilize the on-screen camcorder controls to fast-forward or rewind to locate a specific piece of film you intend to import, and make use of the Play and prevent settings to begin and prevent the import.

Image titled Use iMovie Step 3Store your video clips. Ensure you choose a spot with lots of area: movie files, particularly HD data, could be very huge. You don't desire to run-out of area before you decide to even get going!

Organize the brought in video clip.
  • The first occasion you import video from your own digital camera, there won’t be any current events in your occasion Library.
  • To generate an innovative new event, kind a title for it in the “Create brand new Event” field.
  • If you’re importing video clip that taped on various times, you can have iMovie create a fresh occasion for each of those times by selecting “Split days into new Activities.”
  • To append the newest video to an existing event—video which you imported into iMovie previously—select “Add to Existing Event”. Edit this new event’s title from pop-up menu.
Eliminate the shakes! Select "Stabilization" from "After import analyze for" selection. iMovie will evaluate your footage, and smooth any shaky cam motion (like you could keep in mind from a film like "The Blair Witch Project."
  • One other option within the Analyze selection will be search your video footage for people. This may put markers when you look at the footage whenever iMovie detects the existence of humans.
  • Both stabilization and trying to find people usually takes quite a few years to accomplish.

Optimize the movie. If you are importing HD video clip, choose a size when it comes to film from the "Optimize video" popup selection. Whenever any configurations tend to be set, click the okay option and just take a rest. It will require between a few momemts to over one hour.

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